Gabicci Vintage Collection

The Gabicci Vintage Collection features a range of vintage styled pieces, and a great selection of modern designs too. You’ll find some casual polo shirts and some more smart knitted polo shirts, either way you can find something to add to your wardrobe.

Jackson Knitted Polo Shirt

This is a classic from the Gabicci Vintage Collection. Every season they stock it and add a new colour and improve it. For this season we’re stocking it in 8 brilliant colours.

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Lineker Knitted Polo

This knitted polo has a slightly bit more detail to it, a tipped collar and contrasting detail around the buttons. This looks super sharp with a pair of your favourite trousers for a night out.

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Eden Park Spring Collection

With Easter just around the corner we’ve been getting lots of new spring products arrive. The collections add a splash of colour into the shop and gets people thinking about summer and any holidays coming up.

Our latest arrival is the Eden Park Spring Collection, full of polo shirts, patterned shirts and lots more.

To showcase the latest collection we’ve put together a couple of our favourite items from the French lifestyle brand.

Eden Park Africain Stripe Polo Shirt Pink Navy

This look is one of their classic pieces, a throw back to their rugby heritage with the pink and navy stripes. In the winter it’s long sleeves but in the summer it’s short. A great piece for a casual look.

Eden Park Oval Print SS Shirt Rose Pink

A beautiful short sleeve shirt with a colourful floral print. The great thing about the Eden Park shirts is the fact that they have lovely finishing touches such as the rugby ball shaped buttons.

Eden Park Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Marine Blue

Between the changing seasons you’ll still need to add an extra layer or jumper. This long sleeved polo shirt is great, it looks smart and adds a little warmth to your outfit.

Eden Park Small Floral Print Long Sleeve Shirt Horizon Blue

If patterned shirts are your thing but you prefer a long sleeved one, this might just be the one for you. A bold floral print that would look great under a blazer or with a pair of linen chinos.

To see the full Eden Park Spring Collection head on over to our website.

Favourite Items Right Now

We’ve been getting lots of new items delivered over the past couple of weeks and we’ve picked a few of our favourites from the recent arrivals.

Olymp 1202 Luxor Long Sleeve Shirt White

All guys should have a smart white shirt in their wardrobe, you never know when you’re going to need one. A surprise wedding, a trip to a favourite restaurant or a job interview, all of these situations deserve a smart shirt. This new style has a few modern twists on a classic shirt, the small details and pattern inside the cuff.

Fynch-Hatton Cotton V Neck Jumper Flamingo

Fynch-Hatton are a new brand for us and the first collection has really impressed us. This pure cotton v neck feels really soft and comes in a wonderful spring colour. Ideal for those chilly afternoons.

Gant Indian Madras Check Shirt Capri Blue

The beauty of Gant shirts are that you know exactly what you’re getting, a classic fitting, perfectly made cotton shirt. The Madras shirts are great for the warmer weather when you’ve got your linen trousers on.

Merc Tobias Fishtail Parka Jacket Combat Green

Parkas never went out of fashion, we get so many people visiting our Brighton shop wearing them and when ever we have them in stock they sell out really quickly. Merc are know for their quality and style so this one won’t hang around for long.

To see more of out new arrivals pop over to our website.

Wilson & Sloane Limited Edition Prints

We love a patterned shirt, our customers love patterned shirts and this season we’ve really made sure we’ve got a selection that people will love.

We’ve got our usual floral, check and bird prints but we’ve also got some amazing Wilson & Sloane Limited Edition Prints. All of these shirts have a limited number of shirts and the designs are just stunning.

The collection consists of 4 patterned shirts and they all have that wow factor. All of them are pure cotton and perfect for add a splash of colour to the World. Each one is a regular fit shirt and has a hidden button down collar.

Feast your eyes on these.

Wilson & Sloane Flare Print Shirt Navy

Wilson & Sloane Marina Print Shirt Indigo

Wilson & Sloane Marina Print Shirt Navy

Wilson & Sloane Sonar Print Shirt White

Which one will you pick?

To see the full Wilson & Sloane Limited Edition Prints have a visit to our website.

Merc Spring Collection

In our #QuadropheniaAlley shop in #Brighton, Merc is one of our most popular brands. People like the classic styling, the fresh looks, the attention to detail and the timeless feel the items have.

To welcome in the nice weather and the new season here are our top picks from the Merc Spring Collection.

Merc Bruce Paisley Knitted Polo Shirt

Knitted polos are a must, the look sharp and this paisley designed one really hits the nail on the head. Made in two colours, the burgundy and navy.


Merc Legion SS Printed T Shirt

T shirt weather is on it’s way…or so we’re told. Wearing this under your favourite Harrington is a must. Big bold print on the front to show you are part of ‘The Society of Music’

This is also available in two colours, black and vintage blue.


Merc Tobias Fishtail Parka Jacket

The jewel in the Merc crown, this is a perfect Parka. Nothing else will do!

This is just a sample of the Merc Spring Collection and to see more visit our website.

The R2 Westbrook Shirts Spring Collection

At the moment we’re getting deliveries everyday of new spring collections. The other day we received the R2 Westbrook Shirts Spring Collection. These shirts are always popular due to their unique patterns and perfect fit.

A patterned shirt isn’t for everyone but we have a loyal following of shirt lovers so to tempt you into getting yourself a new shirt here are a couple of our favourites.

R2 Westbrook Men’s WSP.08 Fantasy Dots Shirt Light Blue

A beautiful shirt with a light background and a fantasy dot pattern. Each of the dots has a flower or bird hidden inside. This is a shirt to get people talking.

R2 Westbrook Men’s WSP.37 Small Bee Print Shirt White

Straightaway this one caught our eye, a white shirt that has a light blue bee print. This would be great under a blazer and making people look twice at the design.

R2 Westbrook Men’s HBD.25 Square Print Shirt Multicolour

A bright and colourful design that would look brilliant with a pair of linen trousers…when the weather warms up a bit. This shirt also features a hidden button down collar.

This is just a sample of the R2 Westbrook Shirts Spring Collection and you can see more of them by visiting our website.

Olymp Spring Shirt Collection

Ignoring the snow of the past week we are actually into Spring now and this means that our shops are starting to get more and more new stock and the sale items have all but gone.

The latest delivery we’ve had is the Olymp Spring Shirt Collection.

The collection is made up of polo shirts and shirts so here are our picks of the new arrivals.

Olymp 4054 Long Sleeved Linen Shirt


Olymp 5410 SS Cotton Polo Shirt


To see more of the Olymp Spring Shirt Collection head over to our website.

New for Spring – Ska & Soul

Every new season we try to add a couple of new brands to our selection, this is to keep it fresh and everyone loves to discover a different brand. So this season New for Spring – Ska & Soul.

They are a great British brand, they’re inspired by the Ska and Soul British subcultures of the 60s and 70s.

To give you a taste of their latest collection here are a few of our favourites.

Ska & Soul Men’s SS2176 Chequerboard Polo Shirt


Ska & Soul Men’s SS2189 Vespa Scooter Logo T Shirt


Ska & Soul Men’s SS2186 Chequerboard Logo T Shirt


To see the full Ska & Soul collection keep an eye out our website.

New Remus Uomo Spring Blazers

With Spring just around the corner the deliveries of new season stock is arriving on a daily basis. This gives a fresh look to our shops and website which is often a welcome relief after the sale period.

The latest arrival is New Remus Uomo Spring Blazers.

Here are a couple of early favourites:

Remus Uomo Men’s Novo J Slim Fit Cotton Jersey Blazer Navy

Remus Uomo Men’s Novo J Slim Fit Linen Blend Blazer Jacket Blue

Remus Uomo Men’s Livo Slim Fit Check Blazer Grey

This is just a sample of what we have in stock, to see more of the New Remus Uomo Spring Blazers, have a look on our website.

New Trojan Records Arrivals

Even though we are still in February, our Brighton shop has started to receive new Spring stock. This week we’ve received new stock from one of our favourites Trojan Records. To tempt you here are a few of our favourite items.

Trojan Records Men’s TR8326 Houndstooth Polo Shirt


Trojan Records Men’s TR8327 Chequerboard Polo Shirt


Trojan Records T Shirts

To keep up to date on the latest Trojan Records arrivals keep an eye on our website.