AW17 R2 Westbrook Patterned Shirts

One thing we like to pride ourselves on is our range of patterned shirts. Nearly everyday we have people complimenting the range and designs that we offer and many people make sure they visit us at the beginning of the season so they get first pick on the new patterns.

We like to give a choice that you won’t find anywhere else. One of the main brands that we stock is R2 Westbrook Patterned Shirts. Often these are shirts that have a limited print so you’ll be hard pushed to find someone else wearing the same pattern.

R2 Westbrook is a Dutch brand and they are all a modern fit, this means they have a slight shape to them but aren’t slim fitting. Made from 100% cotton, they all have little touches to them like a contrasting pattern inside the cuffs or coloured buttons. To give a taste of the collection these are a couple of our favourite prints.

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