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Get the Peaky Blinders Look

The massively popular BBC drama “Peaky Blinders” is back for it’s fourth season and lots of people are after the Peaky Blinders look so we thought we’d give our take on it.

The look was all about sharp clothing and Earth tones were very popular and it was all about dressing in a certain style enforced their image to those around them.

The first thing to start with in the jacket, we’ve gone for the Digel Enrico-ST Wool Blazer Grey

A sharp single breasted wool blend jacket. A beautiful blazer that is a slim fit. The fit gives its a classic look and shows you know what looks and feels good. We’ve teamed this up with a Remus Uomo Knitted Wool Waistcoat.

You’d often see Thomas Shelby wearing a waistcoat under his blazer and this look was key to the Peaky Blinders. It adds a layer to keep warm while conducting business.

They were also fans of the long overcoat, and this are still popular today. We picked the Remus Uomo Reuben Wool Overcoat Grey

A beautifully soft wool overcoat, features a twill effect pattern that can be worn over a blazer or simply worn with a white shirt and waistcoat.

The shirts that they tended to wear was plain white with a button down collar.

Worn with a knitted tie or simply buttoned all the way up this will keep you looking smart.

Now to complete the look they used to wear a flat cap so we couldn’t not include one of those.

Gant Herringbone Drivers Cap Charcoal Melange, a classic driver cap with a short peak and made from a wool blend. This really does complete the Peaky Blinders look.

So what do you think? Will we look as good as Cillian Murphy or Tom Hardy when wearing it? 

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