New Lambretta SS19 Collection

Ice on the car windows, misty mornings…it doesn’t feel much like Spring but the second week of February always signals to us the time when new collections start to arrive in our shops.

Over the coming weeks and months our shops will have a much different feel to them. Gone the lambswool and hello polos and tees. Expect lots of new arrivals and the first one through the door is the New Lambretta SS19 Collection.

Our Lambretta items always sell well and are popular or many customers so here is a taste of what can be found in our #QuadropheniaAlley shop.

Classic Twin Tipped Polo

Quite possibly our best selling polo shirt and it’s back with a brand new collection of colours. As we get closer to the Summer more and more colours will be added to the range.

Crew Neck Printed Tees

Unique designs for Lambretta, during the whole year we stock printed tees like and we can never get enough of them. So far we’ve got two designs that are available in two colourways.

Triple Tipped Monkey Jacket

We’ve two main types of jackets that we stock, the classic Harrington and the Monkey Jacket. The Lambretta ones are amazing value, wear well and most importantly look good. For SS19 we’ve got it available in three different colours, which one is your favourite?

To keep up to date on the New Lambretta SS19 Collection head over to our website.