The Look: Gentleman’s Spring Style

Mr Bone selects some of his favourite items from our new Spring collections.

Picking my favourite items is tricky for me, especially when the new season has just arrived. The shop is full of beautiful items and the Spring/Summer collections are always my favourite, I love the different fabrics and the brighter colours. As I’m the buyer for Bone Clothing I’ve had the advantage of seeing these pieces before anyone else.

I prefer to look more smart casual, rather than a suit and tie and I think this comes across in the items I’ve selected.

Giordano Men’s V912611 Robert Blazer Navy

Wearing a blazer completes an outfit, it makes you feel good and gives you a confidence. With the weather still a bit up and down it’s too early for me to wear a linen blazer but trust me as soon as the sun comes out I’ll be in one.

I’ve picked this Giordano Navy Blazer for the way it looks and importantly fits. Giordano are a bit unsung in the World of blazers and that’s a shame. They use a mix of fabrics and whats created is a gorgeous soft to the touch tailored blazer. The fine details have been looked after, the patterned lining, the detail on the cuff buttons, all these things lend itself to a well made a year round jacket.

Gant Cotton Linen Stripe Crew Neck Jumper

What you notice from traveling on when on holiday is that guys around the World use layering to their advantage. Often in the UK we wear a shirt with a blazer and that’s it. Look at advertising and magazines you’ll see layering playing a key part. If you leave for the office early or back home late any time of the year it gets cold so layering it perfect for this occasions. I’m a fan of adding a piece of knitwear between the shirt and blazer, for a smarter look I’ll add a knitted waistcoat but for everyday wear I’ll opt for a crew neck.

This Gant jumper is a lovely lightweight linen and cotton mix. Personally it adds a welcome pattern under a plain blazer and equally looks good with a simple tee and linen chinos for relaxing in the garden.

Giordano 917503 10 Botanical Print LS Shirt

One of my favourite looks is a plain blazer with a patterned shirt underneath. Now you could simply wear this shirt with the blazer and ignore the jumper but I think layering is the way to go. Patterned shirts are not for everyone, but once you’ve tipped into adding a patterned shirt into your wardrobe you don’t look back.

The Giordano Botanical Print is a great point to start. It’s not full of colour, and not heavily patterned. If you pick this you could wear it with a jumper and it looks like a white shirt. It is a fantastic way to give you the confidence to wear a patterned shirt in the future.

Gant Slim Satin Chinos Putty

Finishing off my Spring Look I’ve picked these Gant Slim Chinos. In the past all Gant chinos have been regular fit but for the Spring and Summer I prefer a slimmer fitting style. Gant chinos are really comfortable and very popular. They’ve become our best selling bottom and rightly so.

The light colour works well with the navy blazer and come holiday time they are my go to colour with a smart polo shirt.

What do you think of this look?