New for Autumn: Guide London Shirts

Guide London are a British brand that focuses on the fine details, making stylish and comfortable clothing. For this Autumn season we’re proud to be stocking a wonderful collection of Guide London Shirts.

Stunning patterns and designs that are really catching the eye in our shop window. All the shirts are 100% cotton and a nice slimmer fitting. This just allows the shirt to look better on and gives it a shape that flatters the person wearing it.

Guide London 75248 Bee Print Shirt

A stunning bee and flower design, the golden bee adding a splash of colour. That golden colour is also repeated in small ways such as the colour of the inside of the cuffs.

Guide London 75214 Deep Floral Print Shirt

The classic Autumnal colours, those rusts and reds look beautiful in this design. Worn under a favourite piece of knitwear or under a blazer this will look amazing.

You can see the full Guide London Shirts either in our shop or online.