Liberty Print Shirts

Official Liberty print fabric, a mix of unique fabrics.

Patterned shirts are key to our shop, they stand out in the shop and we’ve become known for have a great collection that people are drawn towards. With the shirts there is also something else that draws people in, the purple label with the gold writing ‘Made with Liberty fabric’.

This is a sign of quality, a sign that this fabric is unique. This season we’ve five different shirts that each feature this label.

Giordano 917502 Liberty Print

A great design for the Summer. It feels light and fresh. A pattern that’s not too bold and would look great under a lightweight blazer for an upcoming garden party.

Giordano Shell Liberty Print LS Shirt

Giordano make really good fitting shirts, most of them are a modern fit. This means that it has a little shape around the waist, this gives it a more flattering look to a regular fit. A personal favourite of mine is this Liberty print shell design.

Maddox Street M40MW01 Liberty Print Shirt

To round off the collection we’ve two new designs from Maddox Street. Two super sharp shirts that both feature a hidden button down collar so that the collar keeps it’s shape when the top button is undone.

To see the full collection of our patterned shirts pop over to our website.

New Lambretta Tees

We’ve had a new delivery of Lambretta tees, perfect designs and colours for the weekend.

Lambretta tees are such a good item for us. The designs are unique and the colours stand out well against the others. The price is really good at £20 and if a visitor is looking for something as a present then it’s the ideal item.

Last week we had a range of New Lambretta Tees which consists of new styles and bright bold colours. All of these are available in our #QuadropheniaAlley shop and also online.

Here are the new designs.

Lambretta SS5139 Union Scooter Print T Shirt

A great design showing off a Lambretta on the front. The Moss colour is such a great unique colour. Any tees with a scooter on fly out the door.

Lambretta SS5146 Scooter Print T Shirt

Another scooter design but this one has classic ‘Mod’ words filling in the scooter. Words like Brighton, Carnaby Street, We Are The Mods etc. Again it comes in grey, navy and a Cool Blue.

Lambretta SS5147 Cityscape Print T Shirt

We love this design, it features a scooter in front of a London street scene. For visitors this is a fun design to give as a gift.

Lambretta SS5149 Way of Life Print T Shirt

This is proving to be the most popular design especially the Carnelian colour which is new for the SS19 collection.

We stock a lot of other Lambretta items so have a little browse of our website.

The Look: Gant Spring Shirts

With lots of new shirts arriving from Gant we’ve asked our resident shirt expert Joshua Bold to pick his favourites.

When it comes to shirts I’ve got wardrobes full of them, from classic Oxfords to more bold designs. Each one has it’s own place and occasion to be worn. Once the new season’s stock arrives I like to treat myself to a few new styles.

I’ve picked four shirts that I’ve already got my eye on, let me know what you think.

Gant The Oxford Shirt Lemon Zest

I thought I’d start the list with a classic Oxford shirt. Every guy should have a white Oxford in their wardrobe but I think they should also have one in a seasonal colour too. This lemon colour is bright and perfect for light coloured chinos.


Gant Rose Chambray Shirt Indigo Blue

It’s not often that Gant go for a patterned style by to celebrate their 70th anniversary they’ve made some rose designs in honor of the founders wife who was called Rose.

I love this denim shirt with roses, looks really smart with a dark pair of jeans.

Gant TP Seersucker Stripe Shirt Pool Green

Seeksucker fabric is perfect for Summer. From blazers, to shorts and my favourite shirts. It just screams Summer and this light mint green is ideal. I can wear it in the garden whilst dreaming of a holiday in Monaco.

Finally I thought I’d pick a long sleeve polo shirt.

Gant Sunbleached Rugger LS Polo Capri Blue

I tend to prefer long sleeved tops so a long sleeved polo is something I often wear during the Summer. In this sunbleached style it would look perfect whilst sailing…all I need now is the boat.

You can view our full Gant Shirt Collection in our Lewes shop or online.

Gabicci Vintage Collection

Gabicci was established in 1973 and is perhaps best known for its classic Mod Polo Shirts. Gabicci shirts and polos shirts were a Mod icon of the Seventies and Eighties.

Gabicci is set firmly into Mod culture and is a firm favourite. They produce timeless classics that have a great fit and look super sharp. It’s a brand that people message us all the time asking to put pieces to one side for them when they next come in.

If you want any of the collection you need to get in there quickly.

So to give a taste here are our top picks so far.

Gabicci Vintage Jackson SS Knitted Polo Shirt

This is such a popular polo shirt, classic style and looks good all year round. This season it’s available in 6 different colours.

Gabicci Vintage V42GM04 Burbage SS Stripe Polo Shirt

This is a new design for this collection. Taking inspiration from previous stripped polos this looks really smart. It’s available in 3 different colours and each one really looks good.

There is so much more to the Gabicci Vintage Collection so pop into our Brighton shop or visit us online.

Exclusive Quadrophenia Alley Polo Shirts

Showing off our Exclusive Quadrophenia Alley Polo Shirts plus a brand new colour.

As part of the items we stock in our Brighton shop we have an EXCLUSIVE collection of items, mugs, pins, tees and polo shirts.

All of these items have been designed by ourselves and we’re really proud of them and love it when people pick one of our items to purchase.

One of the most popular ranges is the classic tipped polo shirts, we stock them all year round and every few months we like to add a new colour. As Easter is on it’s way we thought it was the perfect time to add that colourway for the people visiting.

Quadrophenia Alley Target Polo Shirt Black/YellowQuadrophenia Alley Target Polo Shirt Navy/White

Quadrophenia Alley Target Polo Shirt White/Navy

And our new colour is…

Quadrophenia Alley Target Polo Shirt Black/Red

To view more of the items stocked in our Brighton shop visit us at #QuadropheniaAlley on East Street or visit us online.

The Look: Gentleman’s Spring Style

Mr Bone selects some of his favourite items from our new Spring collections.

Picking my favourite items is tricky for me, especially when the new season has just arrived. The shop is full of beautiful items and the Spring/Summer collections are always my favourite, I love the different fabrics and the brighter colours. As I’m the buyer for Bone Clothing I’ve had the advantage of seeing these pieces before anyone else.

I prefer to look more smart casual, rather than a suit and tie and I think this comes across in the items I’ve selected.

Giordano Men’s V912611 Robert Blazer Navy

Wearing a blazer completes an outfit, it makes you feel good and gives you a confidence. With the weather still a bit up and down it’s too early for me to wear a linen blazer but trust me as soon as the sun comes out I’ll be in one.

I’ve picked this Giordano Navy Blazer for the way it looks and importantly fits. Giordano are a bit unsung in the World of blazers and that’s a shame. They use a mix of fabrics and whats created is a gorgeous soft to the touch tailored blazer. The fine details have been looked after, the patterned lining, the detail on the cuff buttons, all these things lend itself to a well made a year round jacket.

Gant Cotton Linen Stripe Crew Neck Jumper

What you notice from traveling on when on holiday is that guys around the World use layering to their advantage. Often in the UK we wear a shirt with a blazer and that’s it. Look at advertising and magazines you’ll see layering playing a key part. If you leave for the office early or back home late any time of the year it gets cold so layering it perfect for this occasions. I’m a fan of adding a piece of knitwear between the shirt and blazer, for a smarter look I’ll add a knitted waistcoat but for everyday wear I’ll opt for a crew neck.

This Gant jumper is a lovely lightweight linen and cotton mix. Personally it adds a welcome pattern under a plain blazer and equally looks good with a simple tee and linen chinos for relaxing in the garden.

Giordano 917503 10 Botanical Print LS Shirt

One of my favourite looks is a plain blazer with a patterned shirt underneath. Now you could simply wear this shirt with the blazer and ignore the jumper but I think layering is the way to go. Patterned shirts are not for everyone, but once you’ve tipped into adding a patterned shirt into your wardrobe you don’t look back.

The Giordano Botanical Print is a great point to start. It’s not full of colour, and not heavily patterned. If you pick this you could wear it with a jumper and it looks like a white shirt. It is a fantastic way to give you the confidence to wear a patterned shirt in the future.

Gant Slim Satin Chinos Putty

Finishing off my Spring Look I’ve picked these Gant Slim Chinos. In the past all Gant chinos have been regular fit but for the Spring and Summer I prefer a slimmer fitting style. Gant chinos are really comfortable and very popular. They’ve become our best selling bottom and rightly so.

The light colour works well with the navy blazer and come holiday time they are my go to colour with a smart polo shirt.

What do you think of this look?

Ben Sherman Spring Range

Ben Sherman was founded in 1963 by Arthur Benjamin Sugarman (1925–1987). He was Jewish, the son of a salesman, born in Brighton.

The Ben Sherman Spring Range is full of colour, full of classic items such as polo shirts, patterned shirts, tees and a Harrington jacket. The fact that it has it’s roots deep in Brighton means that it is very popular with our local customers. To give you an idea of what you can expect here are a few of the ranges available in store and online.

Ben Sherman Script Tipped Polo

An item that always proves popular, this season the polo is available in 6 new colours. I great fitting polo that works well with your favourite jeans and with a Harrington over the top.

Ben Sherman Check Floral SS Shirt

Such a stand out pattern, so unique and ideal for the warmer weather…well when it arrives. You’ll not find a shirt anywhere with this pattern on it. Go all our Summer with a light pair of shorts or underneath that favourite blazer for a night out.

Ben Sherman Gingham Harrington Jacket

Everyone need a Harrington jacket in their life. Patterned Harringtons always sell well. We of course sell the classic colours like navy, black, burgundy and more but it’s nice to have a jacket that is a little bit different.So far this season it’s proving to be very popular.

To see the full Ben Sherman Spring Range come and visit us on #QuadropheniaAlley or online.

Shirt Guide | Show Your Stripes

A great alternative to the plain shirt without going too overboard.

Making a change to your work attire might not be as simple as first thought, the suits need to be plain and of a classic colour. We still need to tick certain boxes, unless we’re the boss or freelancer.

Everyone likes to wear something new, it gives a little confidence boost when people comment or notice and the easiest way to transform our look is by swapping our shirts. making the change from the regular plain shirts can have quite an effect.

The thought of a patterned shirt can seem daunting to some but there is middle ground in the form of a striped shirt. Still smart, still stylish but it adds something different.

We’ve picked a few examples of some of the stripe shirts available.

Gant The Broadcloth Banker Stripe Shirt

The true classic in striped shirts, the iconic shirt. Worn with a navy plain suit you can’t go wrong. Wear it with a smart plain tie or keep it more casual without.

Gant TP Seersucker Stripe Shirt

Give your stripe shirt a Summer vibe with a seersucker fabric. Designed to be a more casual than formal shirt these look fantastic under a linen blazer or a lighter coloured suit. No need for a tie but still fine for that boardroom meeting.


The final couple are slightly more bold, the first is a bright stripe from Fynch Hatton that adds a whole host of colour. The second is from Giordano and features a striking flamingo pattern with a subtle stripe to the background. Worn at that upcoming garden party these will certainly make a splash.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas. To view our full patterned shirt collection have a look online.

Eden Park Spring/Summer 19

Eden Park is a French brand that was founded in 1987 and started by former French rugby union player Franck Mesnel. It is named after the stadium in New Zealand where France lost the first rugby union World Cup final. 

With the rugby 6 Nations Championship underway it’s the ideal time to introduce the new Eden Park Spring/Summer 19 collection. Eden Park has always been a brand we’re passionate about, a brand we’ve supported since the very early days and one our regular customers now look out for.

The Spring collection is bright and bold and ll give a real wow factor to your wardrobe and outfit. It really does scream Summer is on it’s way. Made up of t-shirts, polos. linen shirts and short sleeve shirts you won’t be disappointed with that you see.

To tempt you into the World of Eden Park here are a few of our favourite items.

Eden Park Unicolour LS Linen Shirt

An item that any gent should have in his wardrobe is a favourite linen shirt. Eden Park cover the bases of classic colours like the white and blues and mix it with the cheerful yellow and red. Dress it up with a smart blazer for a great office look or team it with a pair of chinos or shorts for that iconic holiday vibe.

Eden Park Cocktail Bow Print LS Shirt

Whilst enjoying the sunset enjoying a little drink what better shirt to wear than one featuring a little cocktail design? From a distance it looks like a traditional patterned shirt but when you get up close you notice it has little cocktail glasses and the Eden Park bow logo on it. A great fun all year round cotton shirt.

A little sample of what to expect,to see the full Eden Park Spring/Summer 19 visit our online shop to pop into Lewes, East Sussex to try it on.

Fila Vintage Collection

One of the most iconic names in casual clothing, not many people can’t name the brand just by looking at the logo. And now the new Fila Vintage Collection is in our Brighton shop on #QuadropheniaAlley.

Any items we get from Fila Vintage sell our really quickly and we just can’t get enough of the items fast enough…if there is something you fancy don’t hang around.

To give you an idea of he items available here are  few of our top picks.

Fila Vintage BB1 Borg Stripe Polo Shirt

Possibility their most iconic piece, the Borg stripe polo shirt. A modern take on the classic polo that Bjorn Borg wore during his epic battles against John McEnroe. It might not help to play tennis like he did.

Fila Vintage Guilo Stripe T Shirt

A great tee that is available in two striking colours. Worn under a Harrington this looks brilliant. Or go for that tried and tested look of wearing this with a…

Fila Vintage Tiebreaker Track Top

No guy should be without a favourite track top. Polo, jeans and this top and you’re ready for anything. Finished with side pockets and that classic F logo, what more do you need in your wardrobe?

To check out the full Fila Vintage Collection have a little look online.