First Arrivals from Trojan Records

One of the key brands for us in our Quadrophenia Alley shop is Trojan Records. It’s a range that customers head straight to and one that people love to know when new stock arrives.

That is exactly what we’re doing right now, these are the First Arrivals from Trojan Records. It was delivered yesterday afternoon and we’ve already started selling items so if something grabs you don’t wait.

The collection is made up of tees, polos and shirts. All of the items are very limited.


Our Exclusive 40th Anniversary Quadrophenia Alley Tees

Quadrophenia was released back in 1979, so those quick at math will work out that 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the iconic British film. A film that became a cult hit and one that people quote and remember fondly.

To mark this occasion we wanted to do something special, there are already events and gigs going on over the August Bank Holiday weekend in Brighton and we have also designed a few items to celebrate.

The fact that we’re right on the famous alley when Jimmy and Steph kept themselves busy gives us the chance to create something unique.

Introducing Our Exclusive 40th Anniversary Quadrophenia Alley Tees.

Completely designed by ourselves and they’re available on two different colours, classic white and light grey.

The feedback we’ve been getting on them has been very positive and they’ve been selling really quickly in our shop…on Quadrophenia Alley.

Professionally printed on a superb pure cotton crew neck t shirt these hold up to anything you throw at them.

You can order yours via our website

Grey – Quadrophenia Alley 40th Anniversary Print T Shirt Grey

White – Quadrophenia Alley 40th Anniversary Print T Shirt White

New Lambretta Tees

We’ve had a new delivery of Lambretta tees, perfect designs and colours for the weekend.

Lambretta tees are such a good item for us. The designs are unique and the colours stand out well against the others. The price is really good at £20 and if a visitor is looking for something as a present then it’s the ideal item.

Last week we had a range of New Lambretta Tees which consists of new styles and bright bold colours. All of these are available in our #QuadropheniaAlley shop and also online.

Here are the new designs.

Lambretta SS5139 Union Scooter Print T Shirt

A great design showing off a Lambretta on the front. The Moss colour is such a great unique colour. Any tees with a scooter on fly out the door.

Lambretta SS5146 Scooter Print T Shirt

Another scooter design but this one has classic ‘Mod’ words filling in the scooter. Words like Brighton, Carnaby Street, We Are The Mods etc. Again it comes in grey, navy and a Cool Blue.

Lambretta SS5147 Cityscape Print T Shirt

We love this design, it features a scooter in front of a London street scene. For visitors this is a fun design to give as a gift.

Lambretta SS5149 Way of Life Print T Shirt

This is proving to be the most popular design especially the Carnelian colour which is new for the SS19 collection.

We stock a lot of other Lambretta items so have a little browse of our website.

Gabicci Vintage Collection

Gabicci was established in 1973 and is perhaps best known for its classic Mod Polo Shirts. Gabicci shirts and polos shirts were a Mod icon of the Seventies and Eighties.

Gabicci is set firmly into Mod culture and is a firm favourite. They produce timeless classics that have a great fit and look super sharp. It’s a brand that people message us all the time asking to put pieces to one side for them when they next come in.

If you want any of the collection you need to get in there quickly.

So to give a taste here are our top picks so far.

Gabicci Vintage Jackson SS Knitted Polo Shirt

This is such a popular polo shirt, classic style and looks good all year round. This season it’s available in 6 different colours.

Gabicci Vintage V42GM04 Burbage SS Stripe Polo Shirt

This is a new design for this collection. Taking inspiration from previous stripped polos this looks really smart. It’s available in 3 different colours and each one really looks good.

There is so much more to the Gabicci Vintage Collection so pop into our Brighton shop or visit us online.

Exclusive Quadrophenia Alley Polo Shirts

Showing off our Exclusive Quadrophenia Alley Polo Shirts plus a brand new colour.

As part of the items we stock in our Brighton shop we have an EXCLUSIVE collection of items, mugs, pins, tees and polo shirts.

All of these items have been designed by ourselves and we’re really proud of them and love it when people pick one of our items to purchase.

One of the most popular ranges is the classic tipped polo shirts, we stock them all year round and every few months we like to add a new colour. As Easter is on it’s way we thought it was the perfect time to add that colourway for the people visiting.

Quadrophenia Alley Target Polo Shirt Black/YellowQuadrophenia Alley Target Polo Shirt Navy/White

Quadrophenia Alley Target Polo Shirt White/Navy

And our new colour is…

Quadrophenia Alley Target Polo Shirt Black/Red

To view more of the items stocked in our Brighton shop visit us at #QuadropheniaAlley on East Street or visit us online.

Fila Vintage Collection

One of the most iconic names in casual clothing, not many people can’t name the brand just by looking at the logo. And now the new Fila Vintage Collection is in our Brighton shop on #QuadropheniaAlley.

Any items we get from Fila Vintage sell our really quickly and we just can’t get enough of the items fast enough…if there is something you fancy don’t hang around.

To give you an idea of he items available here are  few of our top picks.

Fila Vintage BB1 Borg Stripe Polo Shirt

Possibility their most iconic piece, the Borg stripe polo shirt. A modern take on the classic polo that Bjorn Borg wore during his epic battles against John McEnroe. It might not help to play tennis like he did.

Fila Vintage Guilo Stripe T Shirt

A great tee that is available in two striking colours. Worn under a Harrington this looks brilliant. Or go for that tried and tested look of wearing this with a…

Fila Vintage Tiebreaker Track Top

No guy should be without a favourite track top. Polo, jeans and this top and you’re ready for anything. Finished with side pockets and that classic F logo, what more do you need in your wardrobe?

To check out the full Fila Vintage Collection have a little look online.

Gabicci Autumn Collection

Autumn is well and truly here, the clocks have changed, Halloween has been and gone and so has Bonfire night. Our shops are stocked full of new items and this week we’ve had the new Gabicci Autumn Collection arrive and here is a little sample.

Gabicci Texas Knitted Polo


  • Small chest logo
  • Long Sleeved
  • Regular Fit
  • Knitted Style
  • Button Design
  • Made from 60% cotton, 40% Acrylic


Blade Stripe Knitted Polo


  • Small chest logo
  • Long Sleeved
  • Regular Fit
  • Knitted Style
  • Zip Design
  • Made from 60% cotton, 40% Acrylic

Route Button Polo


  • Small chest logo
  • Long Sleeved
  • Regular Fit
  • Knitted Style
  • Front Pockets
  • Button Design
  • Made from 60% cotton, 40% Acrylic

To see the full Gabicci Autumn Collection head over to our shop.



Trojan Records Autumn Collection

The beginning part of September signals when new Autumn stock arrives. The deliveries turn up on a daily basis and it gives the shops a new burst of life.

During the past week we’ve received our first drop of the Trojan Records Autumn Collection. These items sell quickly so if there is something you fancy don’t hang around.

Here are a few of our favourites.

Trojan Records TR8394 Stripe Rib Logo T Shirt Jamaica

Trojan Records TR8385 Houndstooth Trim Cycling Top Ecru

Trojan Records TR8381 Border Stripe Polo Shirt Navy

Trojan Records TR8360 Cable Front Polo Shirt Stone

You can view the full Trojan Records Autumn Collection online.

Merc Spring Collection

In our #QuadropheniaAlley shop in #Brighton, Merc is one of our most popular brands. People like the classic styling, the fresh looks, the attention to detail and the timeless feel the items have.

To welcome in the nice weather and the new season here are our top picks from the Merc Spring Collection.

Merc Bruce Paisley Knitted Polo Shirt

Knitted polos are a must, the look sharp and this paisley designed one really hits the nail on the head. Made in two colours, the burgundy and navy.


Merc Legion SS Printed T Shirt

T shirt weather is on it’s way…or so we’re told. Wearing this under your favourite Harrington is a must. Big bold print on the front to show you are part of ‘The Society of Music’

This is also available in two colours, black and vintage blue.


Merc Tobias Fishtail Parka Jacket

The jewel in the Merc crown, this is a perfect Parka. Nothing else will do!

This is just a sample of the Merc Spring Collection and to see more visit our website.

New for Spring – Ska & Soul

Every new season we try to add a couple of new brands to our selection, this is to keep it fresh and everyone loves to discover a different brand. So this season New for Spring – Ska & Soul.

They are a great British brand, they’re inspired by the Ska and Soul British subcultures of the 60s and 70s.

To give you a taste of their latest collection here are a few of our favourites.

Ska & Soul Men’s SS2176 Chequerboard Polo Shirt


Ska & Soul Men’s SS2189 Vespa Scooter Logo T Shirt


Ska & Soul Men’s SS2186 Chequerboard Logo T Shirt


To see the full Ska & Soul collection keep an eye out our website.